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Aikido videos featuring Komyokan

Why Did Aikido Lose Popularity? – Brief Martial Arts Documentary

Aikido once used to be a famous Martial Art, respected by all martial artists. Yet these days it is losing it’s popularity fast, while being compared to other modern martial arts. Yet what made it become so unpopular? And what can actually save it from this unfortunate fate? We explore this questions in the video.

Many people ask if Aikido is fake or real and knowing little about martial arts it is hard to tell the difference. Aikido’s popularity was very high when Steven Seagal showed it to the world in his martial arts movies, yet Aikido philosophy got lost in this presentation. Nevertheless if we look at Aikido history and compare it to BJJ, you can see that it doesn’t work to the extent we want it to work or it claims to work, yet as this Aikido documentary shows, it’s sometimes not about that.

So in the end whether Aikido is Bullshido, if it does work or if Aikido doesn’t work, you will learn by… Watching this video 🙂 If you agree with this video make sure you share it with your friends so that more people would better understand the philosophy of Aikido.