Beginner’s Point of View – Blog #1

Hi! Here goes – first ever blog… ever! The plan is to regularly express my thoughts and experiences as an Aikido-noob and hopefully help anyone curious about starting what to expect. First I confess, I have done Aikido before but due to “life” I stopped for about 25 years. Any residual ability is buried deep under long periods of inactivity, lethargy and clumsiness.

So why did I start again? It was really serendipity, my son is doing DofE and was looking for a sport to do. I had fond memories of Aikido so suggested he try that and decided to pop along too. As soon as I started I thought why I hadn’t come back long ago!

I don’t expect that the reasons I like Aikido will be the same as for you but I do recommend you trying it. Here’s some personal reasons I like it

  1. It’s brilliant fun and addictive.
  2. The people at the dojo are really, really nice.
  3. I feel much healthier and lost 8lbs in 4 months!
  4. I feel much calmer and less stressed about “life”
  5. And I’m learning something new – it’s challenging but the teachers are very, very good & patient. 🙂

Next blog I’ll tell you about my first visit and what to expect.