Welcome to the Komyokan Dojo

The Dojo was originally built as a church. Now the large main hall has a matted practice area and still retains a peaceful and creative atmosphere. The Dojo is in Birkenhead on the Wirral (England). For the address and a map showing how to reach us, please look at how to get to the dojo

We would welcome hearing from you, so feel free to contact us 

Komyokan Dojo is Headquarters of the Komyokan Aikido Association 

Although aikido is a relatively recent innovation within the world of martial arts, it is heir to a rich cultural and philosophical background. Aikido was created in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) who trained extensively in a number of martial arts before creating aikido. Aikido is not primarily a system of combat, but rather a means of self-cultivation and improvement. Aikido has no tournaments, competitions, contests, or “sparring.” Instead, all aikido techniques are learned cooperatively at a pace commensurate with the abilities of each student. According to the founder, the goal of aikido is not to defeat others, but to defeat of the negative characteristics that inhabit one’s own mind and inhibit its functioning.

We are proud that the Komyokan Dojo has now been flourishing for 25 years. We have a broad cross-section of people ranging in age from 7 to 70 who enjoy practicing with us. We welcome people from other associations – as well as complete beginners – to come and enjoy practice with us. We are a full-time Dojo with a range of classes, for a current schedule you can have a look at our timetable.